Workshop 6

Workshop 6 (mapped to Framework Area 6: Guiding Personal and Professional Development)

Guiding Personal and Professional Development (PPD) in Widening Participation

Facilitated by: Kirsty Wallace and Brian Carlin

This workshop provides a platform for discussion and exploration of Personal and Professional Development (PPD), specifically in the context of Widening Participation (WP) background. We will consider the ways in which PPD can be demonstrated, and the barriers to achieving these that WP individuals may face. We will also discuss ways to overcome some of these barriers, and hope to increase awareness of the challenges that WP brings in relation to PPD.

Learnin Objectives

  1. Be able to define what 'Personal and Professional Development' (PPD) is
  2. Explore examples of how PPD can be achieved/demonstrated
  3. Consider the impact that being from a less affluent background has on ability to achieve PPD, and explore methods of ensuring that it is accessible for all

Hello, I'm Kirsty, and I am currently working as a Clinical Development Fellow doctor in Medicine of the Elderly at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. I am also studying for my part-time Masters in Clinical Education, and do some teaching sessions with the South East Faculty of Clinical Educators (SEFCE). I have also completed my Level 2 of the Clinical Educator Programme prior to commencing my Masters degree. I am passionate about teaching, and hope to make my sessions as engaging and interactive as possible.