Preparation For Finals

For - 5th & 6th year medical students

Delivered by - FY1 doctors and above

Case-based Learning normally takes the format of the tutor presenting slides with text and pictures relating to a case. The tutee can read the information and is then assessed on presenting this information back. Next the tutor will ask questions in an OSCE format. Think of it as bedside without the patient! There is a strong focus on techniques for presenting findings and the key aims of the sessions are to improve the student’s knowledge and confidence around the clinical examinations. Think back to the kind of questions you would be asked after completing an examination in your own finals OSCE.
Bedside Teaching may run in a teaching or an OSCE format. The selected patients should ideally have identified signs and commonly examined systems include neurology, cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopaedic / rheumatology and gastrointestinal.
Viva Practice runs in an interview format. The tutor may relate to a portfolio case or ask more general questions about a programme theme heading. In the finals viva two examiners will ask the student questions intended to examine their understanding of one to three programme themes and may relate this to particular portfolio cases.
The programme themes are: Biomedical Science; Psychological Aspects of Medicine; Social Sciences and Public Health; Evidence-Based Medicine and Research; The Consultation; Presentation, Diagnosis and Management; Clinical Communication; Emergency Care, Clinical and Resuscitation Skills; Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Medical Informatics; Medical Ethics, Legal and Professional Responsibilities; and Personal Professional Development.
Exam Knowledge runs in a tutorial format. This subheading allows you to create tutorials of your own design covering areas that students require additional knowledge in. Currently there are no supporting materials but plenty of scope to get involved in creating them if you can commit the time!