Instruction for completing Equality and Diversity Quiz and Evaluation link

SEFCE Symposium Equality and Diversity Quiz and Online Evaluation

How to complete E&D Quiz

Go to the website

To create a student log in for yourself

Once you have created this you get an activation link via email which you will need before accessing the quiz

You then have to enrol in our class

Hit the link below the Search for a Class box and then type in SEFCE Symposium 2015 against class title and hit exact match – sorry it doesn’t seem to find it by keyword search

Then tick the box beside the class to register for it

Once registered go to Classes (the blue drop down menu from the top)

And you should see that you have one untaken quiz to complete

Click on this link which takes you to the Quiz page and hit the Take the Quiz button

The quiz is not timed but you can only take it once –it  has 14 questions

Once you have answered them all you can review your answers– you can change your answers as many times as you want until you hit submit quiz.

Once submitted you will get your score out of 14 and as a %

Following this if you review this quiz (this is not asking for feedback) It will show you incorrect answers as well as our correct answers for those you got wrong


The CEP Team

Online Evaluation

Please access and complete this at

Thank you for doing this