Induction Evening

The next induction evening will take place at the Royal Infirmary Postgraduate Education Centre on the evening of the 1st November 2017. 

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The Induction evening is a ~2 ½ hour session that provides an overview of the role of faculty members and overall purpose of this programme. You will have a chance to learn about each of the PULSE workshop strands, meet the project leads and learn how to start teaching session!

The Impromptu Clinical Teaching workshop of the Clinical Educator Programme (CEP) will be integrated into the PULSE Introductory Workshop. This will last for ~2 hours and means you will only need to complete an Online 'Effective Feedback' Module and deliver teaching through PULSE to achieve your Introductory Level of the CEP. Please See Introductory Level attachment for further information.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided and you will have the chance to meet like-minded individuals who are keen and motivated to be clinical educators.

Can't attend the Induction Evening but keen to get involved? 

Please read the 'Introductory Level' download for further information.

Any questions please contact