Breakout 7: Welcome and Valued: from Matriculation to Graduation

Welcome and Valued: from Matriculation to Graduation and the 4-5 Decades After

Alastair Leckie and Neale Summers

Alastair originally qualified and worked as a general practitioner in Edinburgh but has worked full-time in occupational medicine for over 20 years. He combines his day-to-day clinical practice as the Director of NHS Lothian occupational health and safety service with being one of the associate postgraduate deans in the south-east region of the Scottish deanery with responsibility for less than full-time training and performance support. He is an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Glasgow.  He has held board responsibility on the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and is a past president Society of Occupational Medicine. His work life balance is achieved with golf and rugby.  Playing one and watching the other.

Neale is the Student Experience Officer for Edinburgh Medical School, University of Edinburgh