November 2016


What do patients really want from healthcare?  Why does this matter in medical education?                                    

16 November 2016, Chancellor’s Building, Little France

 SEFCE are pleased to announce their sixth symposium to be held in the afternoon of Wednesday, 16 November 2016.  We are delighted that Dr Rangan Chatterjee MBChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP will be delivering the keynote lecture.    

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a practicing NHS GP. He is a member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Immunology and is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

He passionately advocates and follows a philosophy that lifestyle and nutrition are first line medicine and the cornerstone of good health. He is dedicated to finding the root cause of ill health rather than simply suppressing symptoms with drugs.

He uses his media profile to share as widely as possible his belief that good health is achievable for all by following simple and practical lifestyle advice.

TV: Doctor in the House, BBC One, Nov 2015 [3x60]

The programme, in the Chancellor’s Building, University of Edinburgh, Little France, is free to all NHS and University of Edinburgh staff and includes several workshops (to be confirmed) and the SEFCE Teaching Awards 2016, as well as the keynote address.

To book a place, please complete the registration form (at the top of this page) and send it to by Friday, 4 November 2016.

Nominations are requested for the Clinical Educator 2016, Young Clinical Educator 2016, Personal Tutor of the Year and Clinical Tutor Associate of the year. Nominations for Personal Tutor and Clinical Tutor Associate of the year will be reviewed by the Student Support Management Group who will decide on the winners for these categories. The Clinical Educator Programme Team will award the winners in the Clinical Educator and Young Clinical Educator of the Year. Decisions will be based not only on the number of nominations made for each candidate but also on the reasons that you give for their nomination so it is really important to us that you express your reasons as clearly as possible. Any queries about this process please get in touch with us at

Please send in your nominations using this link

Closing date 17 October 2016

Provisional Programme


Lunch (Seminar Room 2/Undergraduate Medical Teaching Room)


Doctor in the House (clip from BBC Television Series)


Welcome and introduction (Prof Morwenna Wood, Director of Medical Education, NHS Fife; Chair of SEFCE Board)


Presentation of 2016 SEFCE Awards

  • Clinical Educator of the Year
  • Young Clinical Educator of the Year
  • Personal Tutor of the Year
  • Clinical Tutor Associate of the Year

Presentation of Clinical Educator Programme Level 3 Certificates


Plenary Lecture – Dr Rangan Chatterjee






Discussion sessions (Strict limit on session capacity.)

1. The great divide? Perspectives on Mental and Physical Health - FULLY BOOKED

Prof Stephen Lawrie, Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Division of Psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh, and an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital 

2. Dr Who? Public and Personal Perceptions of the Good Doctor - FULLY BOOKED

Martina Balaam and Dr Katy Rankin, Medical Education Fellows, Centre for Medical Education, Edinburgh Medical School

3. What Patients Can Teach Us About Empathy - FULLY BOOKED

Mrs Kirsty Egan, Edinburgh Patient Partnership Programme Coordinator, and Dr Shaun Qureshi, Medical Education Fellow, Edinburgh Medical School

4. Realistic Medicine: Work-Life Balance and Professionalism in Modern Healthcare -                     FULLY BOOKED

Dr Ahmed Kazmi, Practicing GP and stand-up comedian 

5. Should lifestyle approaches be integrated into the MBChB, and if so how?

Jason Young, Alexandra Morgan, Michael Dias and Oliver Vick, Royal Medical Society

6. Mind Body Practices in Medical Education

Lorraine Close and Medical Students


Closing plenary Share key messages from discussion sessions (What is working well? What could be done differently?)




Who’s Who Event (all SEFCE Symposium attendees invited)

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place


Staff and Students Drinks & Buffet


Who’s Who prize giving – prizes presented by Professor David Kluth


Ahmed Kazmi Comedy Show