March 2011


Information and video from the inaugural symposium.

Outline time table [full time table available to download from the box on your right]

  • SEFEC Overview [slides in the box]
  • New description of MBChB programme structure [video below]
  • Update on Post-graduate Training
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Developing a Patient Safety Culture
  • 1. Simulation – a safe place to learn. 2. Pre-prescribing by undergraduate students
  • 3. FY – Year5 near-PAL prescribing tutorials
  • 4. Teaching Patient Safety in Primary Care
  • 5. Exploring the UG medical curriculum in patient safety.
  • 6. The Importance of Knowledge in the Practice of Patient Safety
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Teaching non-technical skills in patient safety
  • Patient Safety Fellowships - how can they help tutors and teachers?